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Powerful tools for driving guest engagement

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The PicView solution allows guests to view, purchase, edit, download and share their images captured at your attraction. Guests can instantly view their images on their mobile device.

  • Responsive & Beautifully Designed – Our goal was to create a website that looked great in both mobile and desktop views.  The mobile experience allows guests to view, purchase, share in real time.


  • Multilingual and Branded – Our portal can be branded to match your attraction’s theme as well as the capability to support multiple languages.


  • Socially Connected – We’ve fully embraced social platforms to ensure guests can share their moments.   Photos can be shared with a custom hashtag you may be trying to promote.


  • Solicit Guest Ratings – Optionally, we can have guest’s rate their experience when we collect their email and if they rate a 5 for example we can send them an email with a link, connecting them to Trip Advisor based on predefined logic, as an optional feature.

If you have any questions about what you've read or are considering a project for your attraction, call us

(866) 242-1482 or click on the contact form.

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PicView is powered by the latest technologies which include:

  • Cloud Services

  • Social Media Analytics

  • E-Commerce

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NXT Capture provides a robust set of resources for monitoring and managing a customer’s infrastructure deployment. We’ve categorized our services below so you can easily understand how we can help you. Together, these make up our holistic approach to client satisfaction.

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