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NXT Capture Awarded IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Product for Facial Recognition

Orlando, FL (November 15, 2018) – NXT Capture, imaging solutions provider for amusement parks and attractions industry, has been awarded high honors with IAAPA’s Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in Merchandising and Retail Products category for its innovative facial recognition technology.

NXT Capture has developed the innovative facial recognition software to simplify the process of locatingGuests’ photos taken throughout the attraction. Guests who opt-in can quickly locate their images at any point of sale or self-serve kiosk location. The technology can also be used as a secondary search method at the point of sale for Guests who may have lost their photo ticket, which greatly reduces the time required for a cashier to search through hundreds of photos. Matching images are returned within seconds, ultimately increasing cashier productivity and Guest satisfaction.

The addition of facial recognition capabilities complements NXT Capture’s already innovative array of image association solutions, including barcode and RFID technologies. It gives NXT Capture the ability to capture images on the most unique rides across the attraction industry, from theme-parks to museums.

Nancy Marquis, with Marquis Entertainment, who operates photo locations across multiple parks, such as Story Land theme park says ‘We’ve been with NXT Capture for two seasons now. They are constantly innovating and making improvements that are user friendly, as evidenced by their latest Facial Recognition product.’

President and founder of NXT Capture, Brian Ramdat, says ‘Marquis Entertainment are great partners and worked with us to first launch our facial recognition product at Story Land. It is a great tool for our clients and both employees and Guest are always amazed at the speed and accuracy of the product.’

NXT Capture continues its streak of innovation with many more unique capture solutions on the horizon, such as the soon to be announced Immersive Photo Experience, which allows guests to star in their favorite movie/tv show or any imagined world, all while interacting with the environment they are currently immersed in. NXT Capture’s unique portfolio of capture/retail solutions will help them continue their exciting expansion across North America.

For more information visit their website at or email

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