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Award winning design and image quality

Ride Photo & Video: Products


Ride photo systems are employed in attractions across the world – from flume rides to some of the fastest, extreme roller coasters on the planet and everything in between. Partnering with NXT Capture ensures your guests are being photographed with the latest innovations in ride capture technology.

A few of our highlighted features include:

  • Focus on Quality– All our ride capture products are what you’d expect from a high-quality image…sharp, well lit, and perfectly framed.


  • Image Association – We can tag images to guests via barcode, RFID, and SMS text messaging which works by sending guests a unique code to their phones, along with instructions on viewing it when they text an advertised number


  • Unique Image Borders – Our software can automatically apply image filters and borders to save time at the point-of-sale and enhance images captured.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read or are considering a project for your attraction, call us at +1 (866) 242-1482 or click on the contact form.



Only a few companies in the world have been able to successfully deploy an onboard ride video capture solution.  Installing a capture solution on a ride moving at high-speeds, safely and reliably is not without its challenges.  NXT Capture has met this challenge and in turn has created an award winning solution for its quality and affordability.

A few of our highlighted features include:

  • Advanced Technology– Our unique design allows our capture solution to operate the entire day on a single battery charge, during both day and night.  Additionally videos are wirelessly transferred/edited before your guests reach the retail counter.

  • Attention Grabber – Guests redeem video through our image redemption website, PicView, which can then be posted on social media.  Video can serve as a great marketing tool for attraction.  

  • Great Upsell Opportunity – Drive a higher transaction value by having your cashiers upsell both a still photo and video.  Still photo can be pulled from any point in the video and merged with a creative border.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read or are considering a project for your attraction, call us at +1 (866) 242-1482 or click on the contact form.



Ride photo and video require complex hardware and software solutions to capture images in the most challenging environments around.  Below are a few:

  • High Voltage Multi-Shot Flashes

  • Digital SLR Cameras

  • High-Speed Cameras

  • Proximity/RFID/IR Sensors

  • Proprietary Timing Boards

  • Environmental Enclosures/Cooling

  • Fiber-Optics

photography equipment


NXT Capture provides a robust set of resources for monitoring and managing a customer’s infrastructure deployment. We’ve categorized our services below so you can easily understand how we can help you. Together, these make up our holistic approach to client satisfaction.

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment
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