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Elaborate Lighting + Creative  Overlays = Memorable Souvenir Photo

Studio Photography: Products


NXT Capture studio solutions allow you to capture great shots of couples, families and groups. We achieve this using three techniques:

  • Providing custom photography sets that help create a more immersive guest experience.

  • Professional grade studio flash lighting that capture the moment in brilliantly sharp detail.

  • Branded overlays to match your attractions theming, that can also be personalized for each guest, for a unique product that is the perfect souvenir for your guests.

At NXT Capture, our first step is to consult with your team to define your needs, goals and objectives for your studio solution. Then we ask questions, listen to responses and recommend solutions that meet your goals and your budget. This collaborative process ensures that the final product becomes the capture solution your attraction can use to drive revenue and most importantly capture the moment for guests enjoying themselves with friends and family.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read or are considering a project for your attraction, call us at +1 (866) 242-1482 or click on the contact form.



NXT Capture's Studio Capture solution employs the below technologies:

  • Digital SLR Camera

  • Studio Lighting

  • Image Association (Facial Recognition, Barcode, RFID, etc.)

  • Real-Time Image Effects

  • Touchscreen Tablets

  • Digital Signage Displays

photography equipment


NXT Capture provides a robust set of resources for monitoring and managing a customer’s infrastructure deployment. We’ve categorized our services below so you can easily understand how we can help you. Together, these make up our holistic approach to client satisfaction.​​

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment
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